Look how pretty Mao Vy is while I looked like a plain Jane next to her.

Look how pretty Mao Vy is while I looked like a plain Jane next to her.

I was arranging my digital photo albums the other day when I came across this picture.

This was taken a few years ago. On a cyclo was my former colleague Mao Vy and I. If I remember it corrrectly, it was after work and we were were on our way to the wedding reception of our officemate in one of the restaurants at the riverside.

It is common that friends and colleagues of the bride and groom are invited only to the reception, which is only fair enough as the ceremony is very long and has several rituals. The wedding ceremony begins very early in the morning and lasts till the late night dancing during the reception.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted by the newly-wed couple with their bridesmaids and groomsmen with a sompeah in their dazzling costumes. The bridesmaids handed us some cute figurines and realised that we received the wedding favours were were handed to us. I smiled at the bride who thanked me in return. The bride, who was a volunteer at the office, asked me before about getting these and I told her to check out wedding guest favors at FavorWarehouse.com and many other online shops for ideas. Which she did as she got some really cute stuff.

At the dining hall, I was surprised. The women, especially, were dressed fancily. Heavy make up. Big hair. The more sparkles they wear, the better. And I felt so scruffy for wearing my office clothes. Hah.


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