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It is considered polite and respectful to the host to take your shoes off when entering somebody’s house in Cambodia. This etiquette also extends to some local establishments. The sign above was from the Epic Arts Cafe in Kampot province. Epic Arts Cafe is run by differently-abled persons through the support of Epic Arts UK/Cambodia.

signs, signs what is epic arts

My husband and I always visit Epic Arts Cafe whenever we visit Kampot. They serve plenty delicious sandwiches, cakes and local fares and also the beverages. Great place to go and proceeds go to a great cause — supporting programs geared for those with physical and learning disabilities.


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  1. I find it always confusing in Canada regarding removing your shoes inside someone’s home. Some people are very particular, many not so much. Of course, in winter… all boots are off!

  2. In Hawaii every home has a take off your shoes sign!

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