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Sorry, I have been really delinquent with my blogging duties lately. It’s possible you haven’t noticed I’m gone, but still… here I am 🙂
We had some trying times recently so blogging had to take a backseat while I stood together with family members during this period. Filipino families like ours are very resilient. We can adjust to the situation and slowly but surely overcome the difficult situation. Communication has certainly made it easier for everybody and we are coping fairly well.

In other news, it’s the rainy season. It rains once or twice a week but when it rains, it really pours! Just 30mins of heavy downpour, the whole city is transformed into a water world. And everybody knows what happens when there is so much water in the city.

An old friend who I haven’t heard from for a long time texted me, out of the blue, about a musicians friend phone number. My friend’s daughter wanted to learn how to play the guitar and was egging her to find someone who could teach her. Luckily I still have the number. The girl was just a year old the last time I saw them – and now she’s a 10 year old girl who loves music. Darn, I feel so old.

This is all for now. More stories and photos next week to make up for the lost time 🙂


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