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Monday Mellow Yellows: The day I woke up in the land of Berk

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Hello, friends! I’m back online.
Finding a reliable ISP here in Phnom Penh is like a needle in a haystack. That explains the blogging absence, sorry.  Oh, and the holidays that came one after another. Two weeks more and another one week holiday, the Water Festival, will be celebrated in the Kingdom.

Anyhoo, my yellow photos were taken the day before Halloween. The kids in my husband’s class were keen on making something spooky but since Halloween is not celebrated in Cambodia, my husband decided to do a make-a-dragon project instead since the class was reading the story of “How to Train Your Dragon”, anyway. And how the kids jumped gleefully at the idea. Here’s some photos that I took:

paper dragon made by kids

A two-headed dragon with crab pincher-like tails.

paper dragon made by kids

A duck-beaked dragon (top) and a Chinese dragon (bottom).

paper dragon made by kids

A stumpy-legged dragon.

paper dragons made by kids

A three-headed, four-winged dragon.

The kids are so imaginative and creative, aren’t they? Whatever language lessons and ideas they’ve learned from reading the book gets practiced or used via the making of paper dragons. Plus, they are learning handicrafts and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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