My dogs don’t easily get frightened by noises, but when they do, it’s funny how they cope with the situation.
For example, my youngest dog, Red. Recently there were wedding ceremonies in our neighbourhood. Cambodians still praactice the traditional style of wedding, that includes loud blaring music that wakes up the whole town at the crack of dawn. The older dogs barked incessantly but the youngest… well, he’s nowhere to be found. More like, he doesn’t want to be found, hah.

You see, music plays a very important role in Khmer ceremonies, especially during weddings. The wedding ‘soundtrack’ (for lack of word to use) is mostly q mix of canned/recorded and ‘live’ performances these days. They are played loudly, and I oftentimes wish there is a sound mixer present to manage this so it won’t be as annoying and as grating to the nerves.

Anyhow, back to my story…

This is my Red dog, the youngest one. He was found under the BBQ grill one morning when the traditional procession approached nearby and he got scared of the accompanying sounds…

Some years ago, Red dog’s dad, Joe, did the same thing. Click the link to see 🙂

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