Wordless Wednesday: Hot chilis

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I recently bought a kilo of Thai dragon chili peppers from the local market near me. I am going to make my favourite sweet chili sauce using a recipe I found on the Internet. My local vegetable suki gave me a good price for it — 5,000riels a kilo, which is about US$1.25. If all goes well with the sauce, then I’ll be making some more!

I spread the chili peppers on the table and was amazed at the variation of colours!

Thai dragon chili peppers colour palette.

Thai dragon chili peppers colour palette.

The peppers could grow up to four inches long. They start out as green and mature to a beautiful bright red. In between, you can see the colours on the picture 🙂 I’m saving some seeds for planting!

In other news, I met an old friend at the music center near me. The center also sells used musical instruments from Japan and I bumped into her, with her cute son in tow, amongst the rows of digital pianos. They, too, were just looking around to while their time away. I was happy to learn that they live in the same district as I so we’d be seeing more often. Since they were already on their way out, we exchanged numbers and promised to meet up for coffee next week. Can’t wait.

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