A friend of mine and I had the most delicious fish and chips meal at a rooftop restaurant last Tuesday. The place is located in Phnom Penh’s Golden Street, aka Street 278, a lively strip with lots of restaurants, boutiques and guesthouses. As I was descending the staircase, this sign caught my attention:

apad signs top banana phnom penh

Top Banana.
You’ll never walk alone.
Bottom: We make cool shit happen.

I like the black over yellow background. It catches one’s attention easily.
It shows the silhouette of the iconic landmarks in Phnom Penh’s riverside area – the Royal Palace, National Museum, to name a few.

Top Banana Guesthouse is a popular place for backpackers looking for fun but cheap accommodation in the Penh.



  1. someone should move that plant so we can all appreciate the silhouette 🙂

    • You are absolutely right, Lesley! It’s a shame that the silhouette is covered partly by that big pot of plant 🙂

  2. Top Banana makes me grin.:p
    the copy makes me curious.

    • Who knows what goes on over there? 😛

  3. the top banana, love it!

  4. What a cool shot. Nice sign and nice paint job on the building. genie

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