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APAD 006: “Donated by”

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This sign stands out amidst the greeneries inside Kirirom National Park. This marble-ish sign in gold text shows the names of those generous individuals who donated for the construction (if not repair) and beautification of a nearby wat (temple).

These people are mostly Cambodians abroad as well as local businessmen who, by donating a generous amount, automatically become patrons of the said wat. If yo look closer at the second pic (below) you will see that the texts are written in the Khmer script; the donors’ names on the left and, on the right, the corresponding donations in Khmer numbers but in terms of USDs.

Closer view.

In other villages, this kinds of signs are also painted on temple gates with one donor assigned per “block” of wall, depending on the amount donated. I shall try to get a photo of this one the next time I go to the countryside.

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Chambok Community-based Ecotourism Site, Kompong Speu Province, Cambodia

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Some of the things to see and do at the site
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