This sign stands out amidst the greeneries inside Kirirom National Park. This marble-ish sign in gold text shows the names of those generous individuals who donated for the construction (if not repair) and beautification of a nearby wat (temple).

These people are mostly Cambodians abroad as well as local businessmen who, by donating a generous amount, automatically become patrons of the said wat. If yo look closer at the second pic (below) you will see that the texts are written in the Khmer script; the donors’ names on the left and, on the right, the corresponding donations in Khmer numbers but in terms of USDs.

Closer view.

In other villages, this kinds of signs are also painted on temple gates with one donor assigned per “block” of wall, depending on the amount donated. I shall try to get a photo of this one the next time I go to the countryside.

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  1. How generous to have benefactors dedicated to preserving these temples. I’m in India right now, for five months, and I’ve loved visiting the temples here.

    My sign is at:

  2. I think it is so nice the sign acknowledge the people who give gifts to preserve these beautiful places. genie

  3. I always have a look at the donors’ names listed on walls, etc.
    This one however made me think of a gravestone when I first saw the picture!

  4. How wonderful that there are benefactors willing to contribute to the restoration.

  5. it’s a very simple and elegant sign

  6. Nice sign honoring the donors. No anonymous donations here!

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