>Photo Hunt #26: Support

Posted by on Jul 12, 2008 in ancient temples, Cambodia, culture, Khmerism, Photo Hunt, sights, travel | 0 comments


Coming back again for the PH after such a long time of being absent. My entry for this week is a photo of one of the towers of a lesser known temple Prey Rup found at the Angkor Wat complex. Shown in the photo is a re-assembled tower, a temple mountain design symbolically representing Mount Meru (characteristic of a Khmer classical architecture), the legendary home of Hindu gods.


Being one of the World Heritage Sites, the Cambodian government took measures to protect the temples. There have been several conservation projects supported by Japan, Germany, France and other countries that were implemented and some are still ongoing. As you can see in the picture, huge blocks of sandstone are precariously held together by what looked like a string. I wonder though, with all the support generated for the conservation project, could they get another string/rope strong enough to support the sandstone blocks from falling down?

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