>Skywatch 003: The red earth

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A dirt road in rural Cambodia leading up to another, er, dirt road. Taken one summer day while, in the midst of a 40C temperature, we were on our way to have a meeting with our project beneficiaries. Riding on a moto-bike, we kept a respectable distance lest we be covered in a cloud of billowing red dust.

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  1. >Very interesting, I like looking around at different places in the world. Are there way more dirt roads than tar.Happy SWF and thanks for sharing.

  2. >Interesting picture. The red dirt reminds me of the red dirt roads here in Oklahoma USA.

  3. >Hi Suzanne and Yogi, thanks for dropping by. Like in any third world countries, there are still a lot of dirt roads in Cambodia. In summer, it gets to be very dusty everywhere your white shirt turns brownish-reddish hue at the end of the day 🙂

  4. >All that red dirt! I’m sure it’s a very beautiful place, the dirt justs adds to the ‘experience’.

  5. >Very interesting picture!Great colours .Happy SWF!

  6. >What a beautiful and interesting scene – the colors are so vivid!I’ve actually managed to post this week, and I’ve once again combined my Friday’s Feathers with my SkyWatch. I hope you’ll visit when you get a chance.http://flamingofotos.blogspot.com

  7. >I liked your narration that went along with the shot.

  8. >Beautiful photo. I love the contrast of the colors.

  9. >We don’t have red dirt here. Thanks for sharing yours with me. 🙂

  10. >this looks nice. very saturated colors!

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