APAD 027: Hello, moto!

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This is a typical traffic scene in Phnom Penh. 
Moto-dop (motorcycle taxi) driver wearing crash helmet, check. 
How many people can a moto-dop hold/carry? This is a favourite subject of discussion amongst expats and tourists here in Cambodia. 
It depends. With cargos, or without? hahaha.
But in this particular picture, can you make a guess? 
Answer: A grand total of 4, excluding the driver. A woman, presumably the mother, sat side-saddle with a toddler standling on her lap, check (very dangerous!). A little girl squished between her and the driver, check. Plus another girl in front of the driver, with the pink plastic bank, probably sitting on the gas tank, check. Actually, last year, I have seen and photographed a moto-dop with eight 8 people on it. Unbelievable!

Now you imagine that.

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One Comment

  1. Looks crowded and precarious on that moto… Great action shot!

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