APAD 033: A tent – a toilet tent!

Posted by on Apr 11, 2011 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, Mellow Yellow Monday | 3 comments

My friends Mumsified and PinayWifeSpeaks were  in a secondhand items warehouse recently and enjoying the items sold there when PinayWifeSpeaks called my attention and led me to this tent. A quick look at this tent made us  both giggle as we imagined how a person can sleep in a vertical tent like this. We went home still puzzled at this odd-looking tent.

So when I arrived home I showed the above picture to my husband and got the answer – this is a shower/toilet tent! But of course – shower/toilet tents may not be the most essential camping gear required when you go on camping but it is a very useful piece of to own anyway. If purchased with a portable toilet kit, these pieces of equipment make camping a more pleasant experience.  I would’ve gone back to buy it but we don’t go camping here in Cambodia anyway. There are no public camping sites either.

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  1. hahaha so that's it. we were thinking pa nga we'll have to sleep standing up if we buy that tent. Lolz to us, were obviously not campers..

  2. These days you can buy about anything you can imagine to make "roughing it" smoother! Thanks for sharing!

  3. PurpleCat: When I used to go camping, there were no toilet/shower tents yet! We just go behind the bush and do our business. LOL.Dimple: You are right, we buy almost anything now! I think this will take away the fun in camping.

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