APAD 036: Happy Khmer New Year!

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Yes, the whole country is celebrating the Khmer New Year. Today is the second day of the three-day celebration and is called the vanabot. This is the day when Cambodian families go to wats (templse) for a special ceremony for their ancestors. This is also the day when families give or donate something to their less fortunate relatives and neighbours. It is amazing to note that families, no matter how poor or how limited their resources are, still make sure toshare something to the needy, especially on this day. 
This is the third time we are welcoming the new year. The first, being on Jan 1 (international new year’s day), and followed by the Chinese new year. 

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  1. It is great that everyone participates in giving to those less fortunate even if they don't have much themselves.

  2. So far my new year has been happy. I hope your's is turning out the same.

  3. Great sign and great culture lesson from your country. Happy New Year.

  4. Another lesson from a blog! Thanks.

  5. Happy new year! Nice sign!

  6. It would seem nobody can stretch the new year festivities quite like Cambodia!

  7. Happy New year! Again… and again! 😀

  8. Happy New Year! What a wonderful tradition to share with those less fortunate.

  9. Happy Khmer New Year, a great trilogy of new years, lucky you.

  10. A very pretty sign! It would look so enchanting at night!

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