APAD 038: Empty roads

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This is how Phnom Penh looks like today, on the third and last day of the Khmer New Year celebrations. Most of the people who live and work in Phnom Penh are from the provinces and the Khmer New Year is one big excuse for an exodus back to their hometowns to celebrate the occasion with their families and relatives. The roads are virtually empty and this is one of rare moments that we enjoy the peace and quiet. Come Monday, it will soon be back to the normal hustle-bustle in the capital.

 This is my comeback entry to the Photo Hunt. To see more PH participants or details on how to join, please click this link or this one.

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  1. Looks so quiet and pleasant. Have a lovely weekend.-http://www.viennadailyfotos.com/2011/04/road.html

  2. It does look very quiet and peaceful. Enjoy the weekend. Anniehttp://www.slowtrav.com/blog/annienc/2011/04/photohunt_roads.html

  3. how lovely are the buildings on both sides of the streets. are these housing complexes or just one household?http://ewok1993.wordpress.com

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos, I looked at your 'Adventures' blog – very impressed! Adding you to my blogroll.

  5. A very nice looking street with those buildings and it does look quiet. Enjoy the peace.

  6. nice angle! Good job.Happy hunting!My first time to join, here's my entry . Thanks!

  7. i like it when the streets are empty.:p i used to walk along Ayala Avenue on Good Friday (pre-call center era :p), and it was like a ghost town.:p

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