APAD 047: Fruit of the season

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This is called khnao in Khmer language, or jackfruit in English, and jackfruit trees are in season now in Cambodia. We also have this fruit in the Philippines and we call it langka.

If I am not mistaken, the jackfruit is the world’s largest fruit. It is commonly eaten when it is ripe – when it develops a very strong sweet odour – and has a sweet flavour. It can also be eaten when unripe, as a vegetable. As you can see, the spiky skin of the fruit has segments of yellow flesh underneath it, and each surrounds a large seed. The seeds can be boiled and eaten, too. I’m not really fond of jackfruit but I do like it when it is made into a smoothie.

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  1. I had a jackfruit curry once and loved it, but I never really knew what the fruit looked like!

  2. A richly yellow fruit! I have never tried it or seen it!

  3. Hi Lesley – was the jackfruit used it the curry ripe already? I never had jackfruit in curry before and I'm curious 🙂

  4. Hi Gemma.. yes, for people outside Asia, it is very exotic,'no? The yellow-ness also depends on the degree of the jackfruit's ripeness.

  5. I miss langka!!Please come and see my yellow, have a great week!!

  6. i can eat this fruit, the odor is too strong.Great photo

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