Rainclouds setting over the town of Kampot in southern Cambodia and on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Kampot is a sleepy seaside town four hours away from Phnom Penh and is  best known as the jumping point to trips to Phnom Bokor (Mt. Bokor, pic).  It is known internationally for its aromatic pepper. Locally, it grows the best durian (the spiky, stinky fruit that many foreigners love to hate) in the province and the prime producer of salt in the country.

Photo taken while driving towards Kampot from the town of Kep.


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  1. I'm curious about the stinky fruit that foreigners love to hate! drama in the skies and I love this perspective. happy SWF.

  2. this is my kind of shot – a drive by skywatch shot. http://ewok1993.wordpress.com

  3. lovely shothappy SWF

  4. @Ms. Becky, I'm going to try if I can take a photo of durian so you'll see it in my future post.@Photo Cache, I did notice you have another photo blog that shows all sorts of drive by shots. Is it still up and running?@Jidhu Jose, thanks. I hope you all have a happy SWF!

  5. this reminds me of one of the bridges in Ilocos. i love durian even if it's stinky.:p


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