The sign that never fails to send my salivary glands into a frenzy!
A new find – this noodle-house is a gem! My fellow foodie and I were craving for noodles after watching a movie last week. We consulted our pocket guide and decided to try out this noodle-house along the riverside. With that in mind we¬† hailed a tuk-tuk and directed the driver to go to the riverside. When we reached Street 130, we got off the tuktuk still not knowing where exactly the restaurant is. So, we just wandered off the Psah Kandal 1 area despite the heat. When we saw this sign, we knew right away that this was where we wanted to be – and it’s going to be in our list of great and cheap eats in Phnom Penh.The Noodle House is sort of a street-side cafe with a cosy, friendly atmosphere. They serve all kinds of Asian noodles, especially la mien, or the Chinese pulled-noodles, and they are made fresh everyday. The menu is still small but diverse enough that my friend and I vowed to come back to sample each item in their menu. And oh, the smoothies are a must-try! This street-side noodle-house-cum-cafe is located at the ground floor of a newly-refurbished French colonial style apartment.

Noodle House
#32 AE, St. 130
Psah Kandal 1
Phnom Penh
Tel: 077 919 110

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