After being powdered by the dust of summer comes the red, sticky mud of the rainy season, particularly in rural Cambodia.

I love the beautiful red clay soil in the countryside. Looks greasy from this angle but, no, it’s the thick, red, muddy road!

The mud is really harsh, and, as you can see, the road is virtually impassable  – sticky, slippery, and will bury your vehicle (and you) if you’re stubborn enough to go on. Our shoes and flip-flops get coated with the sticky soil, and hardens like cement when it dries up, making them impossible to wear again.

This picture was taken in Kep, Cambodia in one of my field activities. I was based there for about 6months in 2006 and, I tell you, the rainy season added more challenge to the already very challenging work we were having at that time.

Huge props to the people on bicycles and motorcycles who patiently ply roads like this during the rainy season.


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  1. Red greasy mud. I don’t think I’d like to walk in that especially if it is slippery. Great photo for the hunt !!

    • Me either but there were times I had to, otherwise, I’m stuck at the office and with nothing to do. But I love the red, clayey soil there.

  2. well I’m truly amazed that the roads are passable by anything but foot. I love this photo. the color is amazing. happy day to you.

    • This is one of my favourite photos, too! I’m planning to have it printed and framed. Have a great week ahead, Ms. Becky.

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