This is Stung (river) Sen in Kampong Thom province. It is an important part of the people living along it. Tonle Sen is a major tributary of the mighty  Tonle (river) Sap.

I took this photo very early in the morning at the provincial garden park. The weather was cool and the road quiet. Only afew people were walking about. I caught this motorised boat steadily making its way into the river. A little later, another boat passed by and on the boat were a group of young boys merrily rowing it.

This is my entry to this week’s Our World Tuesday. Click on the logo for more pictures of our world.

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  1. Wonderful photo, it looks like a beautiful day there. Thanks for sharing your world.

    • Hi Eileen. I was indeed a beautiful day!

  2. What a marvellous blue sky! The carving in the foreground at right looks amazing – what is it??

    • Hi Red Nomad. The carving on the left of the photo is of a “naga”, a mythical 5-headed serpent that is said to be dwelling in the murky river waters. This carving is a common feature in many Khmer or Buddhist) structures.

  3. Such a serene photo ~ awesome ~~thanks, Carol ~ OWT ~ (A Creative Harbor) New England

    • Thanks for dropping by, Carol!

  4. I have always heard that Cambodia is a beautiful country…and you are showing me that that is true. Your pictures are bringing your homeland to life for me with each post. You pictures are always wonderful, and your commentary helps me to understand an area about which I know very little. Thanks so much….genie

  5. So nice tho see this captivating river with the two boatmen. Thank you for sharing with Our World.

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