One of the pleasures of living in Cambodia is sitting down in a streetside cafe and sipping a glass of super-yummy, oh-so-sinfully sweet iced coffee. You can easily get this very sweet beverage anywhere in the city but there is one place at the Russian market that is so popular to both locals, expats and tourists alike that a Facebook fan page was created especially for this legendary iced coffee and its star coffee-maker in Phnom Penh.

So when you are in Russian Market (or Psah Tuol Tumpong) in Phnom Penh and you see this sign…

…  you should really give it a try! Honestly, it’s truth in advertising! I already get jiggly whenever I see this sign and I rush to order one. And the effect on me – I talk non-stop for the whole day, almost manic. Oh gosh, what a kick. It’s not exactly for the health-conscious because it is an extremely rich and strong  caffeine brew with an automatic refill. With that said, I still urge you to try it – it really is worth it! Here is Mr. Bounnarith and his Facebook fan pag and here is an excellent blog post introducing him and his legendary iced coffee.

More  signs all over the world at Signs, Signs. Please do have a look.

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  1. it’s a great thirst-quencher…caffeine and sugar will give you lots of energy to shop.:p

  2. It is so good you don’t even wait for the ice cubes to melt before it is all gone!
    i would definitely give it a try.

  3. Unique, interesting style! Love the coffee coloured outlines!

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