My husband and I had a good laugh when we spotted this sign on a tuktuk yesterday parked just a block away from the Russian Market. I instantly took a photo but my husband posted it first to his blog, lol.

Specious Someone

Just what exactly is specious?

A combination of “SPECIAL” and “PRECIOUS” equals to “SPECIOUS”?

To most native English speakers, “specious” isn’t exactly a nice word to label someone so I’m wondering why it’s used to this birthday person. I am assuming though that the sign is probably (a) an example of a KHMENGLISH (or ENGRISH), (b) a funny prank, or (c) a revenge for annoying someone.

But whatever the reasons are, it just goes to show that the tuktuk’s potential as an advertising tool is huge.


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  1. Very funny. I suspect it boils down to a lack of grasp of the English language.

    I gather ‘specious’ means ‘superficially pleasing to the eye but without substance’. Indeed, not the nicest thing to call anyone.

  2. I would not want to called specious although a sign for my birthday is nice

  3. For the birthday boy, I’m hoping it is a prank – that goes right over his head (that makes it even funnier, of course!)

  4. A confounded pair – “special” versus “specious”… Easy mistake to make for a non-native English speaker. However, to someone who speaks English well, the irony of the sign is immediately obvious.

  5. I think I’m going to add the word “specious” to my vocabulary! I like it! Ha ha!! Nice catch!

  6. A great find! Well, let’s hope for that guy’s sake it’s “special and precious” combined.

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my cowboy sign.

  7. who is this guy anyway? i do like the combination of special and precious, doncha?

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