Just a wishful thinking but, hey, it’s cool to have this building in our neightbourhood. You gotta love the name of this recreation centre. For sure you will have a good time there!

Text on the sign:
Good Time Health and Fitness
Opening Soon

It is nearly finished and, according to the sign, it will house a gym, swimming pool, and courts for tennis, badminton, squash, and pingpong, sauna and beauty parlour. Also, a mini-mart and coffee shop will be in the same building.

Oh, did I also say that it’s just across, a stone’s throw from, my apartment.  Now how good is that?

To see more signs from around the world, click the logo below.

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  1. oh, perfect! you have all the reasons to have a good time in this building. the sauna and the coffee shop would be the first places i’d check out.:p

  2. Now, you will have no excuse for not keeping up with your exercise routine!

  3. so you can just walk across and have a good time 🙂

  4. How convenient!
    In this picture, the building looks so huge that the truck in front seems like a toy!

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