This big event happened several weeks ago – a gathering of 40 artists from Cambodia and other countries from all kinds of backgrounds – painting, photography, graffiti and sculpture.

The Cambodia Mask Project supports the up and coming talented young artists.

This is a yearly initiative aimed at showcasing the talents and raising support for the young up and coming artists in Cambodia. These young artists are talented and full of unique ideas but could not start a project due to lack of funds.

I missed it this year but, hopefully, I’ll be able to catch it next year.

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  1. what a wonderful idea to help young talent get off the ground and into the public eye.

  2. was there any artist from here?:p
    lack of funds seem to be a perennial problem in any project these days.:p

  3. Art always seems to be the first thing to lose funding!

  4. that seems like a great idea. i hope you’d show the finished projects here someday.

  5. What a grand idea! Love the artistic face suggesting a mask!

  6. Sounds like a great project. Would be fun to see the masks.

  7. I, too, would have loved to see the different masks! Sounds like a wonderful project.

  8. Sounds like a great way to help young artists!

  9. Terrific.

  10. a great event for artists and art lovers
    the sign is wonderful, simple and powerful

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