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APAD 327: Weekend sand safari

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… in Dubai?

… having fun at one of the reclaimed areas just outside Phnom Penh. Look, Mum, I can jump! Lol.


This photo was taken in one of the sites outside of Phnom Penh in Kien Svay district where we flew our kite last weekend. It is a reclaimed area (very sandy) and work seems to have been stopped at the moment as there were no signs of construction going on. Just a huge reclaimed area. Well, good for us.

Footprints in the sand. My view of my footprints after taking a nose-dive in the sand.

Although we had a frustrating day with the kite as there was not enough wind, we had a blast playing in the sand, instead. Going up the sand dunes/hills and then run down again is one of the games I used to play when I was a kid. But being a klutz and for someone who’s running experience these days is limited to chasing my dogs out of the house for chewing my favourite Chucks, the gravity pulled me as I ran down and fell down on my hands and started crawling to reach the bottom. Errm, embarrassing but lots of fun – I was my 8year old self again.

It was certainly one way to play there and we (my brother and I) did just that. Now, if only own an ATV…. can you imagine what fun we would have?

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