APAD 339: A magical moment

Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, sights, That's My World, travel, What's On in Cambodia | 13 comments

Here’s another sundog photo my husband took last Sunday. I know, I could not get over the giddiness yet 🙂 so pardon me.

A magical (double) sundog moment for me right there.

Sundogs are not so common – but are also not rare – in my part of the world. I have read stories about sundogs, it’s mystical nature and the many beliefs of many cultures surrounding this natural phenomenon. Seeing one for the first time last week was just pure magic. I am still in awe.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for letting me see one of your grand displays. Truly a memorable one.

You can find the story here at Sreisaat Adventures.

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  1. What a fantastic capture!! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Simply gorgeous! Happy sky watching and a great weekend too.

    Your comment on my Sky Shot will be greatly appreciated.

  3. very dramatic picture…i havent seen a picture like this before..

  4. This was quite exceptional. To get the person there in the same pic as the halo rings made it something else. This view had meditational otherwordly quality in a way.

  5. Indeed a rare shot nicely captured.

  6. Nice shot!


  7. Incredible! Sun dogs are always exciting (as are photos of them), but yours is the best one I’ve seen! Great job!

  8. Oh, this is such ilhouette. magnificent images of a sundog, great composition and love the way you are silhouetted against the sky!

    Happy Skywatch,

  9. It’s an amazing shot you achieved!

  10. Fantastic moment, and a fantastic shot!

  11. I am in awe as well. I’ve never seen anything like those stunning photographs. Pure magic indeed!

  12. Amazing. . . .!

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