At the outset I have to say that these photos aren’t mine but they are circulating around the Cambodian blogosphere. I saw them over Khmer440 and, because of their high amusement value, decided to post them here for this week’s Signs meme instead of the one I already have prepared for posting.

Angry Birds popularity in Cambodia is in an all-time high and everyone is cashin in on it.

Photo Source, above and below: Khmer440

And, as if not enough, someone posted another equally amusing sign…

I wonder if there is a G.O.O.D. school somewhere …

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  1. Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for visiting, too.

  2. LOL these are funny! i wonder if there are students enrolled at B.A.D. foreign language school.:p

    may UPCAT question na daw na “why the birds are angry?” hahahaha

    • Ayyy, may ganun na? Kaya pala maraming nag-reklamo sa essay questions sa UPCAT, lol

  3. that is one way to date yourself as a company!
    (can you imagine a pac-man language school?!)

  4. You have photographed some great language school signs. Once the students have figured out why the sign is funny, they have a working knowledge of English.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. I think I went to that school!

  6. Those are very funny…. I understand the Angry Birds one and how it would appeal …but wonder if the BAD one was done on purpose or ??? Whatever the case, I seriously admire anyone and everyone who works to acquire a second language. We are (as a rule) very lazy about that skill over here (me included…I am not proud of that fact!)

  7. I would go with the Angry Birds school – though really, their language skills are suspect and pigs keep laughing at you…. so maybe the B.A.D. wouldn’t be a bad choice?

  8. I showed the kiddo the Angry Birds School sign photo and asked her if she wanted to enroll there. No thanks daw, pigs and monkeys might run after her. Seriously though, when will people realize that popularity is not equal to quality and specially if applied to education?

  9. Hilarious play on symbols and words! I love all the font styles and colours crammed together!

  10. hahaha it’s funny that they use Angry Birds to get people’s attention.

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