APAD 357: Daymoon

Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, sights | 2 comments

Every now and then, when I walk my dogs every morning, the moon is pretty much visible.

The moon is visible during the day for most of the month.

Why can we see the moon during daytime? According to this site:

The reason we can see the moon at all is because it reflects sunlight from its surface. The reason you can see it during the day is because it just happens to be in the part of its orbit where it is both in the sky and reflecting enough light for you to see. You might have noticed the closer to the horizon, the more moon you see during the day.

From now on, I’ll start paying attention to the sky and get ready with my camera. Who knows what else I might see up in the sky? 🙂 For more SkyWatch photos worldwide, click this logo below.


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  1. Beautiful photograph! Happy sky watching.


  2. It is a pretty photo showing the moon! Thanks for sharing your skies. Happy skywatching!

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