I like the elaborate design of this entrance. This pagoda is located in Prek Phnov, Russei Keo district, just a few kilometers away from the public market.

At the entrance, an archway carved with giant images facing the four directions greet visitors to this temple.

The design is a replica of the images found at Bayon Temple in Siem Reap while the arch features mythical creatures atop elephants. The beautiful kbach design that is characteristically Khmer is also carved on the arch.

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  1. Nice to see this awesome sight of your world. From Our world Tuesday.
    My entry: Blessed week end: willyouhearfromme.blogspot.com

  2. This looks fantabulous!

  3. Wow. So different from anything I ever saw while traveling. Certainly a marvel.

    • It is! And you should see the original images at Bayon Temple!

  4. Wow. There must have been many craftsmen working on this for a long time!

    • True! And this is just a replica of the images at Bayon Temple and is made of cement and plaster. The images at Bayon Temple are made of laterite and sandstone.

  5. beautiful capture

    • Thank you!

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