Everywhere you go in the city – and most especially in the countryside – one can see the numerous {outdoor advertising} signs for goods and services. The signs range from beauty parlours, medical and dental clinics, car-wash, to BBQ restaurants and sound-system rentals.

My husband and I were on a road trip several weeks ago and we were traversing the new road along Prek Phnov and saw this sign.

It is obviously an advert for a school and is digitally-produced. I wonder what happened to the hand-painted signs that I so adore?

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  1. everyone looks so very neat and orderly!

    • Yes, they do!

  2. It’s been always a dream to be able to read scripts like this, even Tibetan was part of my dream, a big and ambitious one though 😀 Nice and clean photo of them.


    • Namaste, Prem. It is never too late to learn anything, especially a foreign language! But you gotta spend a lot of time to master reading and writing the script.

  3. The Cambodian scrip is so beautiful!

    • It is indeed! And they have other fonts that are oh-so-elaborate!

  4. Can only read the English portion, but what a beautiful, colorful sign. The school obviously is proud of the students.

    • Yes, it’s a nice sign. You should see the hand-painted ones by the locals. They’re prettier!

  5. can you read their alphabet?

    • Used to. But now I only remember a few 🙁 Gotta brush up on Khmer reading again.

  6. the writing/alphabet is so artistic. i could just imagine learning how to read and write that language must be very tough.

    • It is very tough! Once you learn how to read the alphabet, you got to practice all the time. Otherwise, it will all be forgotten. And that’s what happened tome 🙁

  7. I’m impressed that they are all standing in the same position, and are all almost the same height!

    • True! But they’re an artist’s interpretation and digitally-produced. I still prefer the old-school, hand-painted Khmer signs!

  8. I do hope they don’t go all digital and lose their hand painted signs. I’ve always enjoyed he cacophonous style of them that you have shown us!

  9. digital has its place but I hope it doesn’t replace everything
    wonderful shot

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