In this scorching summer heat in Phnom Penh, there is no more convincing needed. A friend and I went in.

apad 109 sesame noodle house

We weren’t disappointed – we had the most refreshing, satisfying fruit cooler ever.

In case you asked… Nope. As much as it sounded exotic (novel), we didn’t try the watermelon and chili. We both went for the passion fruit and mint. A perfect balance of sweetness and sourness. A bit pricey for $2.25 but, after several hours of shopping at a non-airconditioed market, it’s all worth the price!

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  1. Cool sign.

  2. Passionfruit and mint sounds so refreshing! Love the colourful character in this sign!

  3. i would have picked the same one!

  4. It all sounds good. I would have wanted to try the watermelon-chili.

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