This LED signboard greets commuters along the junction of Monivong and Russian Boulevards. It displays daily the figures reflecting the “activities” happening at the from the fledgling Securities Exchange of Cambodia (CSX).

apad 132 cambodian stock exchange

CSX was opened in 2011 and it has now about 12 companies trading there, a third of which are foreign accounts. The idea of a stock exchange is new to most Cambodians and, according to this report, it has been a slow progress.

With majority of the population barely earning the minimum wage, I wonder how many have few dollars left over to invest in stocks. Does an ordinary Cambodian even understand what this is all about, and much more, about investing?


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  1. This is very curious.

  2. well that’s an interesting sign to watch while stuck at a light!

  3. Not much activity AT ALL on the board. 🙁 Hope things pick up.

  4. this is distracting to drivers. i don’t people really read numbers on billboards.:p maybe this is a come-on to get people’s interest in the stock market.

  5. Interesting….I agree that is could be a bit distracting if you had money to put into stocks. genie

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