This is just one of the 1001 reasons for expats and local tourists to explore Cambodia!

If you like exploring and are an adventurous type, do not miss out on going out on road trips. You’ll surely discover a lot of interesting things about Cambodia and its culture.

This neak ta shrine is one of the multitudes you will find in the country but they represent many differeting things. This one we found was just an hour away from the capital Phnom Penh, in the same area as Wat Phnom Prasith.

apad 133 neak ta shrine

Cambodians believe in ancestor spirits called neak ta.
Neak tas are spirits who watch over and guard people, places (particularly forests), and things. They are believed to possess some kind of a supernatural power.

Shrines are built for the neak tas and contain objects that represent the four elements – earth, wind, water, and fire. According to local beliefs, the villagers take turn in keeping the shrine in order, making sure the shrine is clean and offerings of lotus flowers and lit incense are offered daily. Should they fail to do so, the neak ta will punish them or their entire village.

In the same manner, the villagers strive to act their best so as not to anger the neak ta. If not, misfortune and sickness will befall them and/or the entire village. Visitors, both local and foreign, are also expected to conduct themselves properly when visiting the shrine and within the vicinity. Otherwise, they will also not escape the wrath of an angry neak ta.

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  1. This is a truly amazing shot!


    • Thank you, Molly!

  2. We will be visiting Cambodia October/November this year. I have heard so many wonderful things, I am really looking forward to it.

    • That’s great, Jan. Cambodia is such a wonderful place. I know you’re going to love it here.

  3. Love the free lensing effect!

  4. Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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