Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

apad 135 no U turn

No one cares. Almost always the traffic policemen, if ever they are around, ignore this violation. Or drivers talking on the phone while driving. For reasons they only know.

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  1. this can cause an accident! it’s also possible that the driver doesn’t know how to read the sign.:p

  2. Wonderfully presented.

  3. love that you caught him in the act!

  4. Here, they would be lying in wait for the money grab in exorbitant fines.

  5. I giggle every time I see the math to prove I am not a spammer. I was an English teach and basically brain dead in math and science, but these problems seem manageable 🙂 I would NEVER dare to make a U turn with a sign like that….BIG ticket…MUCHO money. That takes nerve. genie

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