apad 150 cactus cacti

Cactus, cacti. Anyone?

My husband and I went on a sight-seeing trip at the Chroy Changvar Peninsula. Along the way are a few garden shops selling all sorts of plants. Above is the cactus section. I do not know their names but I like the ones with pretty yellow flowers on the foreground and the coloured ones (red, yellow and orange mostly) on the middleground. The large spherical ones are just as lovely!
These various cacti are used for landscaping but will brighten anyone’s window sill or or garden (when bigger). They surely add texture and colour, shape and colour to the landscape.

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  1. Cacti are great—I can’t kill them. đŸ˜‰

    Wonderful photo! Have a great day. ?

  2. I used to have a little collection of these when I was a teenager but my Mum got rid of them when I went off to college and I have never replaced them


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