When I first arrived in Cambodia, I noticed how Cambodians love eating fruits. They have them for snacks and after-meals dessert. Back in the Philippines, snacks usually is composed of starchy, sugary fares like cakes and pastries, burgers, pizzas, you get the picture. And wash them down with artificially-flavoured fruit juices and/or carbonated drinks. So imagine my surprise when fruits, especially local fruits, were served to me for snacks, along with water and tea.

Snacking on fruits. And beer.

Still Life. Apples and oranges, and a can of beer.

When I went to the Philippines along with my Cambodian colleagues for a workshop, they were also overwhelmed by the snacks being served. Which led one colleague to comment about why many Filipinos being fat; that we are eating too much sweets. Of course, that was true.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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