How have you all been?

I’ve been busy, busy, busy the past few weeks until the Valentine’s weekend, thank God for that. My husband and I agreed not to go out and just chillax at home and do whatever we want. So I downloaded stuff off the Internet, scoured online shops for my new hobby, and then found this really nice online jewelry shop that I like, it’s called, and I’m amazed at how beautiful the pieces are.

Anyways, back to reality. It’s a few more days till it’s the Chinese New Year but, already, the people in Phnom Penh are in a holiday shopping frenzy. Today, on my way to meet a friend in Parkway (Mao Tse Tung Blvd.), traffic was really solid and I got stuck at Psah Damkor, near Chenla Theatre all the way up to the intersection of Hotel Intercon and Monireth Blvd. Since I was stranded there for a good hour, I took some photos of what was unfolding before me:

Holiday rush. The scene at Psah Damkor, near Chenla Theatre.

Holiday rush. The scene at Psah Damkor, near Chenla Theatre.

The traffic lights are working soundly but drivers just keep on pushing and pushing, never giving way. Almost at a standstill.



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  1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize you can get stranded in traffic jam there too. Hope you have a very good CNY.

  2. So much motion and noise! It would be hard to get used to. Fun shots though. Your Valentine’s day sounds lovely 🙂

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