Last week, I was planning to go to Daiso Japanese shop at Aeon Mall to buy bottles of calligraphy ink when my husband said he was going with me. I was surprised, of course, but pleasantly surprised. He seldom goes to the mall with me so this should be fun, I thought.

It was actually a quiet mall when we arrived. There were not many shoppers. After getting my ink and several more miscellaneous stuff, we bought sugar-free chocolates from this shop:

The Chocolate Shop at Aeon Mall. Photo taken from inside looking out.

The Chocolate Shop at Aeon Mall.

The Chocolate shop is owned by Belgian expats who have lived in Cambodia for more than a decade now. I actually enjoyed going to their shop at St. 240 where they also have sandwiches, pies and smoothies. Their chocolate selection are varied, and they recently introduced Cambodian flavours infused to their chocolates, one of which is, the most popular, their signature Kampot pepper chocolate.


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