I was riding on a motorbike with my husband traversing France St. when I took this photo. It is for this kind of moments I am thankful for my compact point-and-shoot digi-cam. It’s always in my pocket, ready for action.

Balloon on a moto in Phnom Penh.

Giant balloon.

It is not often I see a giant balloon, strapped to a passenger on a back of a motorcycle, traversing the city but it is not uncommon. I bet most of you wouldn’t have or get this kind of scene in your part of the world.


The Jenny Evolution

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  1. That is wonderful! I have seen some crazy stuff on the bike of bikes, but never a balloon that big! It’s great that you had your camera ready!

    • Me, either. I was really afraid that the balloon might get swept by a strong gust of wind and cause an accident but nothing happened. This is why I love my compact camera! Thanks for visiting, Kelli.

  2. Great shot. I’m curious as to what the balloon is for.

    • No idea as to what the balloon was for. I just hope it arrive at their destination safely.

  3. That’s amazing! Hope he doesn’t go to close a thorny bush- there would be a huge bang.

  4. That would be hilarious, Keith! A mighty bang!

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