My younger brother returned to Cambodia from a two-week holiday in the Philippines. He brought back several kilos of dried fish and divided it amongst ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, there are dried fish available here but they’re mostly freshwater fish. I miss the saltwater fish from the Philippines and it’s always a welcome and a special treat whenever my parents would send us some. A taste of home, so to speak.

When kept for a long time, even in a moist-free container, dried fish tend to grow molds. So what I do is take them out every now and then and hang them under direct sunlight to dry and get as much air as possible.

Hanging fish and chili peppers to dry.

Hanging fish to dry. I think the fly is more attracted to the scent of red chili peppers more than the dried fish. Odd.

I didn’t have any hooks but my husband made me one – a DIY hook made from an old, plastic hanger 🙂 And I reused the net bags (used previously to hold onions and potatoes) from the grocery.
Even though my husband thinks the dried fish smell like a dirty sock, and could envelope the house with its “nasty” odour, he doesn’t mind me having them occasionally at meal times.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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  1. An interesting, colourful way to dry fish, but i wonder how fresh this fish would be for eating.

  2. Now, after searching many of your posts just to confirm if my feeling that your style of writing is Pinoy, i am correct.You are. Where in Cambodia are you, i haven’t seen yet. I have 2 blogspots in case you will drop by, one is my garden and the other about my travels and everything outside my garden.

    • Hello, Andrea!
      Maraming salamat for diligently searching through my posts for signs of my identity, hahaha. I am 100% Filipina based in Phnom Penh. I’ll visit your blogs and get acquainted with you 🙂

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