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Monday Mellow Yellows: Dried fish

Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, Cambodia life, Cycle 3, Everything Pinoy, Expat Life, That's My World, What's On in Cambodia | 3 comments

My younger brother returned to Cambodia from a two-week holiday in the Philippines. He brought back several kilos of dried fish and divided it amongst ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, there are dried fish available here but they’re mostly freshwater fish. I miss the saltwater fish from the Philippines and it’s always a welcome and a special treat whenever my parents would send us some. A taste of home, so to speak.

When kept for a long time, even in a moist-free container, dried fish tend to grow molds. So what I do is take them out every now and then and hang them under direct sunlight to dry and get as much air as possible.

Hanging fish and chili peppers to dry.

Hanging fish to dry. I think the fly is more attracted to the scent of red chili peppers more than the dried fish. Odd.

I didn’t have any hooks but my husband made me one – a DIY hook made from an old, plastic hanger ūüôā And I reused the net bags (used previously to hold onions and potatoes) from the grocery.
Even though my husband thinks the dried fish smell like a dirty sock, and could envelope the house with its “nasty” odour, he doesn’t mind me having them occasionally at meal times.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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Eeeeeek, I’ve been listed!

Posted by on Nov 22, 2012 in Everything Pinoy, Expat Life, What's On in Cambodia | 1 comment

Dear friends, this blog {Inside Cambodia} has ¬†been listed to the Expats Blog Directory at Expats Blog (EB), much to my surprise. I don’t know who submitted my blog there ¬†or whether the people at EB did it themselves, ¬†to ¬†be honest. BUT, a big thank you to whoever did it! ¬†In an email from EB, I was told that Inside Cambodia has been nominated for one of their Top Blogs for 2012. Ain’t that great?

I don’t normally solicit for help but, ¬†here, ¬†I’m giving you the link to my listing.


If you think¬†you think Inside Cambodia is a cool blog and ¬†deserves the nomination, kindly leave a review at EB’s site using the link I provided above.
Thank you and have a great weekend!

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APAD 0124: The black-naped oriole on stamp

Posted by on Jul 25, 2011 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, Everything Pinoy, Mellow Yellow Monday, philately, stamps | 6 comments

I’ve been away for a whole week, sorry, folks. I had to do something important that I had not enough time to go through my files to post during this period. But now I’m back, the above pic is the only yellow that came out from quickly browsing my photo album. It’s a stamp that was affixed to a postcard sent from the Philippines.

It is a definitive stamp in one peso (P1) denomination re-issued by the Philippine Post twice in 2009 featuring the black-naped oriole. The oriole’s yellow and black plume is a very attractive colour combination.

Black-naped orioles are common and widespread in early second growth, open scrub and gardens, alone or in groups. It has a distinctive black and bright yellow plumage and its large size separates it from other species of orioles. This bird is fairly tame and noisy and can be heard from far away. Loud and pleasant pee-yaaaaooww or keeaaaooww call are repeated every few seconds often with several birds calling together.

                                                                  – Philippine Stamps and Postal History site.

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>Photo Hunt #22: Candy

Posted by on May 18, 2008 in Everything Pinoy, food, Photo Hunt, sweets | 0 comments


Photo borrowed from my other blog.

This is my favorite childhood treat, ampao, or rice crispies, in the Philippines. When I was a kid in the province, we seldom eat chocolates (they are expensive). Chocolates and other candies were a rare treat, and we usually had them only on Christmas, birthdays and other special occassions. Rice crispies, however,were our everyday treat. They are sweet and crunchy, sometimes sprinkled with peanuts and most of all, very affordable. It is rectangular in shape and because it is quite thick, one has to open its mouth wider than usual to have a bite of it.

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>Photo Hunt #16: Street Party

Posted by on Mar 1, 2008 in Everything Pinoy, festivals, Photo Hunt, sights | 0 comments


This is the Ati-atihan Festival’s street party!

DSC07600 DSC07585

DSC07617 DSC07607

DSC07566 DSC07605

Thanks to my sister, MamaGirl, for providing me the photos. It’s been a long while since I last went home and I sure miss the merrymaking and celebrations there. Her story on the Ati-atihan festival can be found here, and more photos here.

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