Monday Mellow Yellows: Mickey Mouse Plant

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Guess what — the mystery of this unknown plant in my garden has finally been unraveled when it flowered over the Khmer New Year for the first time in years. I got excited! So my husband and I had to Google search and found out it is called the Mickey Mouse plant. Ha. I know, I know this bright and pretty yellow flower doesn’t resemble Mickey Mouse at all, at least the ones that came out from my plants.

Vietnamese Mickey Mouse plant, Ochna serrulata.

This is widely popular in Vietnam, especially during the celebration of Tet, or the Vietnamese New Year. They are most sought after around this time due to the belief that this plant brings in good luck and prosperity. To know more about this and why it’s called the Mickey Mouse plant, please check this link.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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  1. nice flower …

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