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I forgot to renew my domain so this blog ‘disappeared’ from the blogosphere for a weeks. When I saw the notice from my domain registrar, it so happened that my card also expired. Hmmmpfff. I can’t even. So I had to wait till I get my new card and — tadaaaa! We are now back online 🙂

So what kept me busy was my husband’s class where Fridays are project days. I get to assist the kids in the first class (he has two classes) in whatever projects they chose for that week. The photo below are examples of their projects:

A minion suggestion box and a leprechaun cup head.

A minion suggestion box and a leprechaun cup head.

I was surprised to learn from the kids that they do not have any arts and crafts classes in public schools. So this class is a sort of introduction to them to the wonderful world of arts and crafts. I can see how awkward and clumsy they are when it comes to cutting and gluing, etc., but I think in due time they will master these skills as I’ve seen how enthusiastic they are about Friday projects.


Monday Mellow Yellows


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