APAD 0124: The black-naped oriole on stamp

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I’ve been away for a whole week, sorry, folks. I had to do something important that I had not enough time to go through my files to post during this period. But now I’m back, the above pic is the only yellow that came out from quickly browsing my photo album. It’s a stamp that was affixed to a postcard sent from the Philippines.

It is a definitive stamp in one peso (P1) denomination re-issued by the Philippine Post twice in 2009 featuring the black-naped oriole. The oriole’s yellow and black plume is a very attractive colour combination.

Black-naped orioles are common and widespread in early second growth, open scrub and gardens, alone or in groups. It has a distinctive black and bright yellow plumage and its large size separates it from other species of orioles. This bird is fairly tame and noisy and can be heard from far away. Loud and pleasant pee-yaaaaooww or keeaaaooww call are repeated every few seconds often with several birds calling together.

                                                                  – Philippine Stamps and Postal History site.

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