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>Photo Hunt #0031: Family

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gulp war

Gulp War of the borloloys!
In the photo are my nephew Joshua (middle) and nieces Beebop (left) and Chappi (right), about to have their siesta.

Borloloy is a term I borrowed from fellow blogger Toe and is used endearingly to refer to nephews and nieces. Our family is now growing in numbers, no doubt about it. Four years ago, Joshua was the center of attention being the first apo (grandchild) in the family. Two years after that, Beebop was born, and one year later, Chappi followed. Chappi’s birth somehow led everyone’s attention on me and my husband. The oldies in the family – composed of our uncles and aunts whose mission in life is to find a match to their single nephews and nieces and encourage procreation; you know, Noah’s ark and all- have stopped asking me when will I get married, as I already have,thanks very much. Instead they are now asking when will the husband and I are going to produce ankle-biters.

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