APAD 099: Is that informative enough?

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Oh, believe me. SHE DOES!
Don’t let this cutesy-patootsie little tot fool you.
She is my three-year old, almost four, niece and she is a terror to boys in our neighbourhood back in the Philippines. I wonder where she got that from? *evil grin*
This is a photo of my niece that I turned into a greeting card of sorts, thanks to PhotoShop.

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>Photo Hunt #0031: Family

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gulp war

Gulp War of the borloloys!
In the photo are my nephew Joshua (middle) and nieces Beebop (left) and Chappi (right), about to have their siesta.

Borloloy is a term I borrowed from fellow blogger Toe and is used endearingly to refer to nephews and nieces. Our family is now growing in numbers, no doubt about it. Four years ago, Joshua was the center of attention being the first apo (grandchild) in the family. Two years after that, Beebop was born, and one year later, Chappi followed. Chappi’s birth somehow led everyone’s attention on me and my husband. The oldies in the family – composed of our uncles and aunts whose mission in life is to find a match to their single nephews and nieces and encourage procreation; you know, Noah’s ark and all- have stopped asking me when will I get married, as I already have,thanks very much. Instead they are now asking when will the husband and I are going to produce ankle-biters.

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>Wordless Wednesday #53: World’s Most Scared Kid

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Finally, I am breaking my silence.

A lot has transpired since my last post, and it’s because I have been doing things the past weeks that I didn’t have enough energy to keep my blog updated. I know, laziness is not an excuse, as my good friend pointed out to me.

So here I am… attempting to blog.

I was having my afternoon snack earlier when I downloaded this picture sent by my sister – and my jaw dropped when I saw this picture. I choked and bits of my snack shot out of my nostrils. Ok, that’s an exaggeration.

The look on my niece Beebop’s face was enough to convince me to snap out of this blogging funk and post this photo for this week’s Wordless Wednesday!

oh my, mama!

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>Wordless Wednesday #47: Aunty’s little superstar

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I know this is not wordless again but I just had to share. This just came in this morning, with a note that says:

Dear Tita Darling,

When I grow up I want to be a superstar.


When I visited them last summer, I watched her with great fascination as she danced and pranced around the house with her imaginary friends. She entertained me with her quick wit. She’s only two years old, and next time, she would probably ask her father to send me another photo of her dressed in a different character with another “when I grow up…” note. This definitely brightened my day!

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>Wordless Wednesday #44 : Not right now, I’m tired…

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>Wordless W ednesday #42: Why I Miss Home Part2

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Because of them:

My nephew, Joshua, 3 years old
Loves Superman and reading books. He says he doesn’t want to go to school, but will borrow books from school to read at home.

chappi big eyes
My niece, Chappi, 7months old
Raises her hands and squeals in delight whenever she hears Viva. She has the same big eyes of her big sister Beebop. We fondly call her Fidela, after former President Fidel Ramos. Why? Just look at her ear 🙂

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