APAD 088: Movers … Phnom Penh style.

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Moving to a new location? No problem. Call Pu, the remorque driver! A remorque (photo above) is a French word meaning “to tow”. In Cambodia, a remorque is a local motorcycle transport with something resembling a trailer behind it. 

For local transport there is the ‘remorque’ : a motorcycle with a big trailer behind. Remorque is French for to tow. This type of vehicle must be very Cambodian, there is definitely no Wiki page available on this. What’s more, if the draft version of the traffic law is accepted the remorque will probably cease to exist. The towed trailer is a bit deep and loose planks are laid from side to side which are meant as the seats. Often these are over loaded, 20-30 passengers is no problem. A major safety issue is that the trailer can easily cause the motorcycle front wheel to make a wheelie and thus steeringless. Lucky thing is that these motorcycles can’t drive fast.  (Source)

In the above photo, the seats were taken off to accommodate the cargo. Although the remorques are banned in the city proper, they are everywhere outside of Phnom Penh, carrying passengers and their produce from the market to the villages. They are the local version of movers.
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  1. hahaha, just like pi sometimes.http://ewok1993.wordpress.com

  2. Hi, Serisaat! "Can't drive fast"… that's a relief. 20-30people on one remorque, aren’t they recorded on Guinness Book? I wonder what they would do in case of rain. Have a nice week!

  3. that must be one powerful motor to pull all that. I really like your previous photo too of the yellow apartment building.

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