APAD 092: What’s shaping Phnom Penh

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I was at my younger brother’s apartment a week ago in Boeungkengkang district for a chitchat and snacks. I used to live in this area back in the mid-2000s and I kinda missed the neighbourhood – it was once touted as the NGO (non-governmental organisation) area. When I looked outside from his window – he lives on the 3rd floor unit – this view welcomed me. Amazing how the landscape has changed in that span of time. Before only the tall trees dominated the landscape and you can see rooftops and triangles as far as your eyes can see. But now, the trees had been cut and the old apartment buildings were torn down and replaced by these tall, ugly  (serviced) apartments that cater to mostly expats.

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  1. I really enjoy "visiting" Cambodia via your blog. Have a great weekend. Anniehttp://www.slowtrav.com/blog/annienc/

  2. A perfect image for the theme 🙂

  3. Very appropriate for the theme… loads of triangles here!My lighthouse triangles are here.

  4. Lots of triangles there!

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