Is she familiar to you?

In Phnom Penh, I see this woman every time I go to Psah Thmey or the New Market, commonly (albeit incorrectly) called as the Central Market by most expats. She is one of the colourful figures there. Everyday she stands at the entrance of Psah Thmey offering hammocks of different colours to tourists and locals alike. Oh, she could be very persistent and annoying sometimes.Every time I see her, her colourful wares draped around her body like a sash, and her wide cheeky smile, I am constantly reminded of one of my favourite biblical characters, Joseph the Dreamer.
Can you see the similarities? 🙂
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  1. Yes, very much like Joseph and his coat of many colours. I couldn't resist the colours on the thumbnail photo, so they work for her and they work for you. I can well imagine she'd be persistent, but I guess she has to be, in order to make a living.— KKay, Alberta, CanadaAn Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Joseph too was irritating!I thought they were scarves until I read that they are hammocks.Lucy

  3. Like Lucy, I thought the lady was selling scarves at first glance. She seems to be powerful as such many hammocks must be heavy. As to your question if you can grow nemophila in your garden, I think you can if your place is not too hot. Since they are native to the western United States, I think they are apt for temperate climate.Have a great week!

  4. right! he looks like Joseph! I thought they were scarves. She must be an interesting character. my world is here.

  5. similarities yes. I love her colors. and the expression on her face also! excellent.

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