APAD 107: Elephant ride

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APAD 107 A ride on Sambo the elephant

Looks like the backpackers are enjoying the elephant ride. That is Sambo, the elephant. Sambo is the only elephant resident in Phnom Penh. Sambo’s touching story is known to most Phnom Penhois. Her siblings (yes she is a girl) were killed by the Khmer Rouge when she was young. A nine-year old boy took care of her but were separated during the civil war. After the end of the war, they were reunited and were inseparable since then.

Here is a video-interview of Sambo’s caretaker talking about his reunion with Sambo:

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  1. A moving story. He was sooo happy talking about finding Sambo again.

  2. this is a lovely, touching story. thanks for sharing. and happy SSS.

  3. WOW!! Fabuolous shot!!!

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